The Atelier Way

The Atelier offers learning programmes for children between 2 years to 6 years old.

The programmes and curriculum at The Atelier have been designed for experimental learning. Children learn in various ways and communicate through a multitude of languages and our effort is to help them connect the dots between them.

Emergent Curriculum

Our curriculum at The Atelier emerges from the interests of the children. Children constantlycommunicate what interests them through verbal and non-verbal clues.

Once an interest spreads across a group, it gradually takes the shape of a project lasting either days, weeks or months.

Group Discussions

We discuss our ideas and questions in groups of adults and children. We spread and absorb new ideas, we face and resolve conflicts, we learn to listen and acknowledge, we inspire each other.

Encounter with materials

We create everyday opportunities for children to interact with materials which are open ended in nature. These materials take the shape of the children’s imagination. The children constantly test the versatility of these materials and explore their dynamic nature.

Co - Construction of Understanding

The early phases of the project, involve constructing meaning and understanding. Children form meaning from their everyday experiences, their routines and their surroundings.

The adults help the children build further understanding by contemplating on the children’s current perceptions, supporting them in answering their questions and providing them with new experiences.

Graphic Representations

Representing their ideas through graphic languages help children communicate their thoughts and ideas in a new language. As they represent their thoughts in visual forms, they form clarity about their ideas and make choices about their theories.

Meaningful Reading and Writing

The need to communicate, language, expression, words, symbols and letters are all interconnected. Learning reading and writing is a process which also involves meaningful communication for the children.

While our days are packed with creations and investigations, the backdrop of each moment involves various forms of learning. The children develop motor skills every time they use their hands and bodies. They develop social skills and empathy with each interaction they have with other children and adults. The children make logical connections while mixing paints and using brushes of different sizes. They understand the power of fantasy and imagination while reading books. They absorb each experience through all their five senses.


“To watch our daughter grow as a questioning, curious,
eager learner has been a delight for us.”


“A home beyond expectations”

“A huge imaginary world”

“A school, which would reflect in its flat & open structure, the vibes of a place which nurtures and unleashes the young creative mind. A school, which is rooted to the basics of life & yet embraces the modern!”

“A free spirit”

“A rich experience”