Supporting children with defining a purpose

By The Atelier On April 14, 2017

Around the age of 3 years, once children have gained a fair control over their bodies and have the tool of verbal language to express themselves with, they start looking for a strong purpose. They need the adults around them to support them in this journey.

We have recently been working with two 3 year olds to define their purpose. They earlier found purpose in carrying and transporting materials which are larger than them, hence challenging themselves physically and finding a sense of accomplishment on succeeding.

This need to lift, carry, push, pull and transport slowly moved to connections with reality. What brought the two children together was their love for automobiles.

They started out with constructing cars, to trucks, to jeeps, to the most recent bike with a steering wheel and a train with a steering wheel.

They construct a car and have a passenger hop on to test it.

A few weeks later, their experimentation leads to a bike with a steering wheel.

Which also gets tested in more ways than one

The latest idea is the engine of a train. It takes a lot of focus to make the tubes balance and stand upright.

And we hop on and are ready to go

Through each of their constructions, they were building a stronger understanding of reality, solving problems, working together as a team, developing their verbal language, making logical connections, resolving conflict, negotiating and most importantly finding a strong purpose to their days.

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