3 year olds find chameleons fascinating, at age 4 the shadows seem to dance and children aged 5 talk about everything from space to electricity.

The Atelier was born with a vision of keeping the innate sense of curiosity and wonder alive through the childhood years.

Free Expression

Children express themselves in countless different languages and our aim is to encourage them to do so. We have an adaptive and flexible approach to learning which revolves around ideas, interests and choices made by children.

The Environment

We believe in an environment that is dynamic and versatile. An environment that teaches and documents. An environment that provides change and choices. An environment that supports social and cognitive learning. An environment that allows us to experience through all our senses.

Relationships and Partnerships

The relationships between parents and children, mentors and children and parents and mentors are two-way relationships that involve respect for each other.

The Atelier emphasises and values parents’ involvement in their child’s learning experiences. We also invite parents to be actively involved in life at The Atelier.

Meaningful communication, periodic group meetings, workshops, personal meetings and events allow an ongoing dialogue between parents and the mentors.