Our Approach

The Atelier means a studio or a workshop, especially one used by an artist.
Staying true to its meaning,The Atelier brings to you an entirely fresh and progressive approach towards learning, meant to ignite the minds of preschoolers.

Engagement & Exploration


Children express themselves in countless different languages and our aim is to encourage them to do so. We have an adaptive and flexible approach to learning which revolves around ideas, interests and choices made by children.

A dynamic & holistic environment

school_icon We believe that children should be able to control the course of their learning. They should be able to learn through experiences of touching, moving, listening, seeing, and smelling; involving all primary senses.

Relationships & Partnerships

parent-student_iconParents and teachers, both play a crucial role in a child’s development.
The relationships between parents and children, teachers and children and parents and teachers are two-way relationships that involve respect for each